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31 Unbelievable Facts That Make The "Harry Potter" Movies Even More Magical

The Harry Potter Studio Tour shows that the real magic is what happened behind the scenes.

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1. The scenes for 4 Privet Drive were originally shot on an actual street. They only ended up making houses because they didn't have access to the house for reshoots.


5. There were over 20,000 packages and goods in the windows of Diagon Alley.

Each was handmade.


8. There were actually two murals on each end of the Great Hall.

They were painted to look faded so they were hard to see on camera.

10. Many of the portraits in Hogwarts were based on cast and crew. For example, this is production designer Stuart Craig.

Director Chris Columbus didn't want a portrait in the film. So, the art department made him one off-screen as a surprise.


13. There are two Hagrid's hut sets.

Warner Brothers / Via

One is oversize with oversize props so that the actors would look small and the other is normal size so that the actor that played Hagrid would look like a half giant.

15. There were over 588 sets built for the eight movies.

Some are still standing and some were only built to be used for a few minutes at a time.


19. The Gryffindor sword was a real sword that was purchased at an auction.

Warner Brothers / Via

The designers then spent weeks looking through research on medieval swords to create the perfect look.

21. The hands on the Weasley's clock are actually scissors with photos of the actors pasted into their handles.

Warner Brothers / Via

The prop masters purchased a vintage grandfather clock before taking it apart.

22. All the furniture placed in the front towers in the Ministry of Magic was made out of cardboard.

Warner Brothers / Via

Real furniture would have been too heavy and broken through the floor.


24. The Knight Bus was so top heavy that 4 tons of weight had to be added to the bottom so it didn't fall over.

Warner Brothers / Via

A whole neighborhood of London was then shut down so that they could film the Knight Bus scenes for a little over a week. The bus was so tall that it couldn't pass on any bridges.

26. There were 60 types of goblins made.

28. Every exterior shot of Hogwarts was made using this model. It took seven months and 40 people to make it.

29. It took three months alone to create the bridge.

This is a "first draft" model for the above model.


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