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    12 Times BuzzFeed Life Gave Us Life This Week

    Looking for some extra oomph going into the weekend? We got ya.

    1. When this prom dress became the most beautiful prom dress in the history of dresses.

    3. When someone finally explained what sleep paralysis is really like.

    4. When they gave us career tips everyone else has been hiding.

    5. When we learned the krazy reality of Kylie Jenner's extensions.

    6. When we were gifted with this mac and cheese taco we didn't realize we were waiting for.

    7. When Mamrie Hart taught us how to make a delicious drink and be adorable at the same time.

    8. When we learned how easy it is to throw our hair into a bun and still look flawless.

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    9. When we fell in love with these tiny tattoos.

    10. When we learned how to have the healthiest summer yet.

    11. When we found ways to channel our '90's cartoon heroes through makeup.

    12. And when we learned how to make a tea party the ultimate turn up function.

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