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This Artist Is Making Tiny Food That Looks Good Enough To Eat

Let them wear cake.

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The only thing better than food is totally adorable tiny food.

Which is why stage and costume designer, Shay Aaron (@shayaar) has been spending over 10 years making tiny creations fit for a mouse.

"I used to create small scale creatures out. Ten years ago I made a miniature replica of the Jewish Passover Seder plate. Once I made the realistic platter I knew that I want to put my effort in miniature food," Aaron told BuzzFeed Life.

Okay, maybe a foodie mouse.

Lucky for him, he can find inspiration everywhere.

The creative process starts with an inspiration board. "I explore the web in order to find multiple images of thefood piece I'm about to create. I look for images that show the texture, color and the way it is served. Then I do some texture tests that are supposed to lead me to the finest result."


And lucky for us we can put his tiny corn on the cobs on necklaces.

Or finish off a suit with a pair of peanut butter and jelly cufflinks.

So whether you're a carnivore.