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    This Artist Is Making Mini Cityscapes And They're Really Amazing

    Bright lights, little cities

    Ryan Monahan, an artist based out of Illinois, is shrinking cities into amazing miniature works of art.

    *eyes grow wide*

    The first sculpture Ryan made, "The Church", is an exact replica of a building he saw in Arizona.

    "That lead way to doing more urban environments, stuff I could relate to being near a city," Ryan told BuzzFeed.

    But from that point on, most have been fictional places Ryan has made in his studio.

    "It's very therapeutic and enjoyable to have to discover details that others overlook and capture them in my piece."

    "I've been a fine art painter for a long time so I caught on rather quick when it came to painting and weathering miniatures."

    Cities were a natural fit for Ryan as well.

    "I lived and worked in the city for a while and really grew to love the character a building or a pile of trash could have," Ryan said.

    "City store fronts have so much going on typically, signs and what not everywhere. I love that!"

    Pieces average three weeks to a full month to finish.

    Which makes sense since every piece is so incredibly detailed.

    Look at the little newspaper inside!

    So what's the hardest thing to make? The asphalt.

    But lucky for us, it looks like he's gotten the hang of it!

    Check out more of Ryan's work on his Instagram!