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    Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Nov 21, 2014

    31 Things You Miss About Los Angeles When You Leave

    Yes, there is traffic but there are also other things.

    1. When you find a hidden beach to sit on.

    2. The wall of houses that sit on top of one another in the mountains.

    3. The self deprecating graffiti.

    4. The unofficial running paths.

    5. The fact that there are dozens of things to watch each night.

    6. The Instagram-ability of the city.

    7. And the fact that some of the best art in the world is just 35 minutes worth of traffic away.

    8. The ~decent vistas~ no matter where you are.

    9. The way the city sprawls endlessly.

    10. Tacos

    11. The endless spots to read in the sun.

    12. When you start driving north and you see the Hollywood sign.

    13. All the old school buildings that make you feel like you're in a time capsule

    14. The fact that you basically never have to go inside.

    15. How easy it is to eat healthy.

    16. And fresh.

    17. How glorious it is to not eat well.

    18. The way Griffith glows at night.

    19. Outdoor concerts no matter the season.

    20. That LA sport pride, ya know?

    21. The way the light perfectly stacks during a sunset.

    22. The feeling when you're driving on the side of the highway with no traffic.

    23. All the weird and random industry things you get invited to that make no sense.

    24. When your friends come into town and you go see the canals.

    25. How easy it is to have a romantic moment because the weather sets the mood for you.

    26. The far superior movie theaters.

    27. The flowers that grow up the walls of the bungalows.

    28. The many, many, many brunch options.

    29. PCH

    30. The fact that it's always a good time for ice cream.

    31. Everything.

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