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23 Things That Never Actually Happen In Real Life

If only life were a movie.

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1. Your loved one runs through the entire airport to reach you.

New Line Cinema / Via

TSA would be all over that shit. That is what texting is for, ya goofball.

2. Your hair looks flawless without you doing anything to it.

Disney / Via

Haha yeah right.

3. Someone you are not dating writes you a letter every single day for a year.

Like seriously, this would be so creepy.
New Line Cinema / Via

Like seriously, this would be so creepy.

4. You manage to eat spaghetti while looking sexy and without getting sauce all over your shirt.

Disney / Via

Pasta sauce ratio is always 50% on your pasta, 50% on your clothing.

5. Something explodes and people are able to just walk away from the fire.

Marvel Entertainment / Via


6. You get a letter in the mail that says you're a wizard.

Warner Brothers / Via

And not a day goes by you aren't upset about it. Oh, is that just me?

7. Fights are so organized that you can take time to show off first.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via

Don't mind me, I'll be here preparing for my fight until you get bored enough that we can just call it a night.

8. Your dog talks to you in your native language.

No matter how much you talk to them.

9. You see someone in the mirror who wasn't there before.

Scary movies have basically ruined mirrors FOREVER.

10. You take off your glasses and immediately become the most popular and beautiful girl at school.

Paramount / Via

Cause, like, no one has ever looked sexy in glasses, am I right?!

11. Something awesome happens, so you get your own flash mob.

20th Century Fox / Via

A girl can dream.

12. You can randomly fluently speak a language you've never heard before.

Disney / Via

A modern-day superpower.

13. Animals are allowed to do normal human things.

Disney / Pixar / Via

Really? It's OK to eat something that was cooked by a rat?

14. You jump huge distances but are never injured.

Eon Productions / Via

I'll just jump into this train. Don't worry about me.

15. You grow up in a montage format.

TriStar Pictures / Via

The sweetest way to grow up.

16. No matter how many bullets are fired, you never get hit.

Warner Brothers / Via

In the wrong place and the wrong time but also always in the right place at the right time.

17. DNA is decoded immediately.

How great would it be if all crimes were solved in an hour?
CBS / Via

How great would it be if all crimes were solved in an hour?

18. You are able to get dressed and undressed without getting stuck in the wrong pant leg and falling over.

Good luck with that.

19. You're able to eloquently say how you feel about someone without making an idiot of yourself or freaking anyone out.

Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Via

It doesn't just come out in a series of emojis.

20. Kissing in the rain is romantic and not at all cold and horrible.

21. You scream, "Follow that cab!" and it works.

It's like the writers have never been to a major city before. There is no way you're going to be able to follow that cab. It's time for a plan B.

22. Your jam comes on and everyone at the party can do a coordinated dance routine to it.

Revolution Studios / Via

23. An angel and devil appear to help you make important decisions.

In real life that is called your mother.

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