9 Things That Are More Expensive Than Curing AIDS

In Elton John’s book, Love Is The Cure, the singer says it would be surprisingly economical for the United States to go from “treatment and prevention for some, to treatment and prevention for all who need it.”

The United States is already at the forefront of curing AIDS.

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The government pledged $48 billion between 2009 and 2013 to help fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the developing world. However, there are still thirty-four million people living with AIDS and the number is growing.

According to a study by UNAIDS, it would only cost Americans an additional $5 to $7 billion a year through 2020 to end AIDS.

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1. That’s less than the annual expenditure on chocolate: $12.6 billion

2. Annual expenditure on supplements and herbal remedies: $14.8 Billion

3. Annual expenditure on “alternative vet care” for pets: $12.5 billion

4. Annual expenditure on cigarette advertising: $8.37 billion

5. Annual expenditure on beer: $99 billion

6. Annual expenditure on Valentines Day: $18.6 billion

7. Annual expenditure on McDonalds: $27.5 billion

8. Annual expenditure on Halloween costumes: $6.9 billion

9. Annual expenditure on toilet paper: $6 billion

With this additional spending, experts say, we could prevent 12.2 million new infections and save over 7.4 million lives between now and 2020.

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Take action here and help rid the world of AIDS.

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