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    24 Things People In NYC Love To Talk About

    Between coffees, obviously.

    1. Brunch.

    Bravo / Via

    Bottomless mimosas anyone?

    2. The subway.

    Oh cool, the L is down again.

    3. Their neighbors.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    How can two people be so loud and horrible...

    4. How long you have to live in New York City to count as a New Yorker.

    It's five years.*

    *That's debatable

    5. Tourists.

    6. How much the city sucks in the winter.

    7. How much the city sucks in the Summer.

    Comedy Central / Via

    So hot. So smelly. So packed. So. No. Help.

    8. How much the city sucks when it rains.

    Nooooo I'm meltinggggg.

    9. How much their rent is.

    "I got a great deal! It was only $2,500 for 300 square feet."

    10. Brooklyn.

    11. Where to get cheap beer.

    Showtime / Via

    $2 PBR. Yes please.

    12. Time Warner.

    mark this as my weekly "time warner cable sucks" tweet

    Candice Frederick@ReelTalker

    mark this as my weekly "time warner cable sucks" tweet

    3:54 PM - 02 Nov 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    13. Apartment hunting.

    Just take my money.

    14. How horrible dating is.

    15. How much they want to get a dog.

    Dogs for everyone!!

    16. How they never want to move to the suburbs...

    Suburbs are for squares.

    17. ...Alternatively how soon they want to move to the suburbs.

    Maybe I'm a square?

    18. Seeing celebrities but not making a big deal about it.

    19. Work.

    USA / Via

    "I worked until 10pm" "Whatever I worked until 11:30, hired an Uber to go home and shower and then went back to work."

    20. The gym.

    To get a membership or not, that is the question.

    21. Bagels.

    22. Expensive salads.

    23. Wanting to move out of New York.

    Why the fuck do we live here when we could live literally anywhere else?!

    24. But then remembering how much better New York is than every other city.

    CW / Via

    Oh right, because everywhere else sucks and New York is the best and everyone that doesn't live here is insane.

    New York Forever.

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