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24 Things People In NYC Love To Talk About

Between coffees, obviously.

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5. Tourists.

They're the worst until you have to send a text and end up walking just as slow as them. Oops.

6. How much the city sucks in the winter.

How is it still winter?! Will it ever end?!

10. Brooklyn.

It's like Manhattan. But cooler and also worse.

12. Time Warner.

mark this as my weekly "time warner cable sucks" tweet

Candice Frederick@ReelTalker

mark this as my weekly "time warner cable sucks" tweet

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14. How horrible dating is.

It's like all the horrible single people in the world moved to New York and want to hang with ya.

18. Seeing celebrities but not making a big deal about it.

Oh cool. Whatever. **internally screams**

20. The gym.

To get a membership or not, that is the question.

21. Bagels.

Do you have any? Can I have some? How many is too many? Give me now.

22. Expensive salads.

Urgh, $12 is sooo much but also sooo yummy.

24. But then remembering how much better New York is than every other city.

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Oh right, because everywhere else sucks and New York is the best and everyone that doesn't live here is insane.

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