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    27 Of The Worst Cats You Went To High School With

    These cats make you unsure about your high school reunion.

    1. The cat who tries way too hard in gym class.

    2. The cat class clown whose pranks always go too far.

    3. The cheerleader cats who are always making noise.

    4. The "teachers pet" cat who is so smug about its good grades.

    5. The "rich bitch" cat whose parents may or may not be in the mafia.

    6. The cat who is so dramatic you don't have the energy to deal with.

    7. The cat who reads ahead and then answers every single question in class.

    8. The cat who won't take showers after gym class.

    9. The cat who thinks he is too cool to help with your group project.

    10. The cat who is obsessed with his body.

    11. The cat who always finds a way to cheat the system.

    12. The cat who is always dressed to the nines.

    13. The dance team cat who is always showing off.

    14. The cat who won't stop singing to himself while he walks to class.

    15. The cat who thinks he is a badass because he djs at a 18+ club.

    16. The student government cat who is always trying to get your attention.

    17. The jock cat who carries his ball with him to class.

    18. The cat who is such a damn diva.

    19. The cats who really should just get a room.

    20. The cat who is always high.

    21. The cat who thinks it is totally fashion forward.

    22. The cat who was such a bully.

    23. The cat who is always trying to get all up in your business.

    24. The cat who takes credit for your work.

    25. The cat who is overly aggressive and no one knows why.

    26. The cat who will get with anyone.

    27. The cat who falls asleep at his desk during an exam.

    But at least none of them are as bad as the freshman were...

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