Proof That "The Holiday" May Be The Most Underrated Holiday Movie There Is

    It's time we dethrone Love Actually. Sorry, not sorry.

    1. The cottage is the perfect holiday destination.

    2. The county of Surrey just SCREAMS Christmas.

    3. But the LA weather feeds a part of your soul that is often left alone during the holiday season.

    4. Speaking of holiday feelings, Iris totally understands exactly how you feel.

    5. Because she's basically every girl.

    6. And Jasper is the perfect holiday villain.

    7. Which makes Jack Black as the voice of reason even more amazing.

    8. When Jude Law smiles your heart skips a beat.

    9. He is the perfect Mom and Dad combo.

    10. His musketeers make you want to cry.

    11. And Mr. Napkinhead may be the cutest thing ever.

    12. Speaking of cute, John Krasinski is in this movie, so...

    13. If that's not enough, so is Hottie McHotster Ed Burns.

    Even if it is only for a second and he is a total ass.

    14. The movie doesn't shy away from the hard questions.

    15. This is the best thing you've ever heard.

    16. The moment that they get to the WGA ceremony you realize it isn't possible to feel so much.

    17. Because Arthur Abbott is the sweetest man to ever exist in the world.

    18. I mean, is this for real?! OMG.

    19. Amanda Woods knows what's up.

    20. Seriously, she's like everyone's spirit animal.

    21. You'd live in this fort for the rest of your life it you could.

    22. Jude Law and Kate Winslet's brother sister relationship is the best.

    23. And Iris and Miles' relationship could fill any heart, no matter how dark, with joy.

    24. Graham's dedication to Amanda makes you believe it will really all work out in the end.

    25. And it does, and nothing hurts.