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    53 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

    All is fair in love and war and movies.

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    Note: You might be asking yourself, "What counts as a romantic comedy?" and "How do you know what romantic comedies I like, BuzzFeed?" These are both good questions! I used BuzzFeed's How Many Romantic Comedies Have You Seen quiz as a guide to determine which movies fall in the category and focused mostly on movies that were released in the '90s and '00s. As for how I know what you like? I'm just that good.

    1. Emma Thompson wore a fat suit in Love Actually.

    2. Betty White almost didn't take her role in The Proposal because she didn't want to leave her golden retriever.

    3. A menu screen from Never Been Kissed was used in the original Blu-Ray and DVD of Fight Club. David Fincher says he wanted a movie from the same year that Fight Club was released.

    4. At the Amsterdam premiere of Music and Lyrics, a journalist handcuffed herself to Hugh Grant and walked the red carpet with him.

    5. In Jenna's room in 13 Going on 30 on the day of her 13th birthday party, there is a framed picture of Madonna on her vanity table, leaned on the mirror. When she is 30, she comes across the same photograph, but it is signed.

    6. The "Penis Song," which can be seen on unedited version of The Sweetest Thing, was written by Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, and Christina Applegate.

    7. Jennifer Garner got the role in 13 Going on 30 because her speech when she won a Golden Globe in 2002 for Alias was so endearing.

    8. Jennifer Lopez is featured on both the Sparkle and Poise magazine covers — which is kinda goofy because she was in a serious relationship with Ben Affleck, who would later become Jennifer Garner's husband.

    Revolution Studios
    Revolution Studios

    9. The blindfold Jenna is wearing when she is 13 in 13 Going on 30 is made out of the same material/pattern as the eye cover she is wearing when she wakes up when she is 30.

    10. Billy Bob Thorton has a fear of antiques, so while filming Love Actually, Hugh Grant used to show him pieces of furniture off camera to watch him freak out.

    11. The segments of married couples telling the stories of how they met at the beginning of When Harry Met Sally are real stories that director Rob Reiner collected for the film. He then hired actors to retell the stories.

    12. The opening airport scene in Love Actually was real footage shot at Heathrow Airport.

    13. In the original script for Notting Hill, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts break up and he dates a girl at a record store.

    14. In the softball game scene in Runaway Bride, Joan Cusack wears a "Peaches" baseball cap, a reference to A League of Their Own.

    15. According to the Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary DVD, originally Vivian was going to be addicted to drugs. Part of the deal was that she had to stay off cocaine for a week, because she needed the extra money for a trip to Disneyland. Edward eventually throws her out of his car and drives away. The movie was scripted to end with Vivian and her friend on the bus to Disneyland.

    16. The necklace in Pretty Woman was worth $250,000 and a security guard stood next to the director during filming.

    17. The directors couldn't figure out what to call Crazy, Stupid, Love so they said that if anyone from the cast or crew could think of a name, they would get a free iPad. People came up with names like Wingman or Pop Go the Weavers. Eventually the directors just went with a working title they already had.

    18. The name plate in Julianne Moore's office in Crazy, Stupid, Love says Assistant to the Vice President instead of Assistant Vice President as an ode to The Office.

    19. Emma Stone is only three days older than Analeigh Tipton. However, her character in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Hannah (approximately 24-25 years), is almost 10 years older than Tipton's Jessica.

    20. In Easy A, Olive says her name is an anagram for "I love." Her last name, "Penderghast," is also an anagram for "pretend shag."

    21. The foreign film that Olive goes to see is titled Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe, German for The Scarlet Letter, which Easy A is based on.

    22. There are oranges in almost every scene of Easy A.

    23. Emma Stone's brother appears in the party scene after Olive and Brandon pretend to have sex.

    24. The website leads to the Sony Pictures Easy A website.

    25. Before filming Bridget Jones's Diary, Renee Zellweger worked at a publishing company for three weeks.

    26. When Helen Fielding wrote the novel Bridget Jones's Diary, she based the character of Mark Darcy on Colin Firth's depiction of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

    Sony Pictures

    27. Dustin Hoffman's cameo in The Holiday was not scripted. He was just driving by the Blockbuster and decided to stop in and see what was happening.

    28. John Cusack put a scar on his eyebrow for Lloyd's character in Say Anything. He says that the story behind that is that someone threw a rock at Lloyd when he was a kid.

    29. There is a pre-Seinfeld reference to the "Soup Nazi" in Sleepless in Seattle. A male journalist is speaking as Meg Ryan enters an office at her newspaper and says "...he's the meanest guy in the world, but he makes the best soup you've ever eaten."

    30. Alicia Silverstone really didn't know how to pronounce "Haitians" in Clueless, and the director asked that no one correct her.

    31. The character of Lucy in While You Were Sleeping was originally written for Demi Moore.

    32. Julia Roberts' best friend in My Best Friend's Wedding was originally named Digger. Once Rupert Everett joined, they changed it to George.

    33. Yeardley Smith, who plays Simon's assistant Jackie Simpson in As Good As It Gets, is best known for being the voice of Lisa Simpson.

    34. When Queen Elizabeth II was preparing to bestow a new noble title to her son Prince Edward, she originally wanted to make him the Duke of Cambridge, but after he saw Shakespeare in Love, he asked her if he could instead be the "Earl of Wessex," after Colin Firth's character "Lord Wessex."

    35. The waterfront house in which Mary lives in in There's Something About Mary was destroyed in 2008 by a construction accident that killed two people and injured five others.

    36. The Shop Around the Corner in You've Got Mail was an antique shop. It closed in 2008.

    37. Charlie Hunnam was supposed to play Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    38. The school in 10 Things I Hate About You was to be a luxury hotel, but after a fire destroyed it, it was turned into a school.

    39. M Night Shyamalan says that he ghostwrote the script for She's All That but the writer denies it. Guess we'll never know the real story!

    40. When Rob and Laura are listening to Ian have sex in High Fidelity Laura is reading a book called Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War.

    41. In Miss Congeniality when Gracie arrives at the pageant with Victor and they are greeted by Kathy Morningside, there is a woman in the background behind Kathy wearing the costume Gracie wears later on for the talent competition.

    42. Coyote Ugly refers to waking up after a one-night stand and discovering that the person beside you is so ugly that you would gladly gnaw off any limb they are sleeping on, just to get away without being discovered.

    43. Coyote Ugly was based on an article Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) wrote for GQ called "The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon."

    44. Every time Violet passes the bouncer at the front door of Coyote Ugly, he is reading a book about college.

    45. A perfect score on the LSAT exam is 180, therefore Elle Wood's score of 179 in Legally Blonde puts her in the top 0.1%.

    46. According to Nia Vardalos, local Greek restaurants sent over tons of food during the filming of My Big Fat Greek Wedding free of charge to feed the cast and crew.

    47. The glass featured as "Deep South Glass" in Sweet Home Alabama is actually handblown glass, made by a company named Simon Pearce, which is located in Vermont.

    48. A character named Erin Vanderbilt was cut from Sweet Home Alabama because test audiences were confused about her relationship with Andrew (Patrick Dempsey).

    49. After 9/11, production for Two Weeks Notice almost moved to Toronto but Sandra Bullock insisted that it stay in New York. It became the first motion picture to shoot in the city post 9/11 and the mayor proclaimed Dec. 11, 2002 "Two Weeks Notice" Day.

    50. In Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake has a lightning bolt tattoo and Mila Kunis has a lightning bolt necklace that she wears in every scene except for the ones where she's angry at Timberlake.

    51. Zooey Deschanel wears something blue in every scene of (500) Days of Summer because it brought out the color of her eyes.

    52. (500) Days of Summer was set in 2006–2007. At the end of the film, the narrator says that May 23 was a Wednesday, and the last time May 23 was a Wednesday was in 2007.

    53. Julia Roberts made $500,000 a minute in Valentine's Day.

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