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    Posted on Nov 16, 2013

    21 Super Cute Ways To Decorate For Hanukkah

    This year The Festival of Lights has to share it's thunder with Thanksgiving. But that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate with these crafts.

    1. Handmake your own Hanukkah crackers.

    Grab templates here.

    2. Make a modern menorah.

    Grab the tutorial here.

    3. Or a dinosaur menorah...

    You can make this dinosaur menorah with any animal figurines. Grab the tutorial here.

    4. Or even a shiny rhino!

    Learn how here.

    5. Create dreidel snow globes.

    Or purchase one on Etsy.

    6. Use wine bottles to hold candles.

    Just grab some gold paint to create these beautiful candle holders.

    7. Create your own dreidels.

    Grab the tutorial here.

    8. Light the room with handmade luminaires.

    Grab the how to guide here.

    9. Get festive with these placecards.

    Print the templates here.

    10. Or if you're looking for something gold, use glitter to make these placeholders.

    11. Paint your silverware gold.

    Check out the tutorial here.

    12. Sew these adorable coasters.

    Learn how here.

    13. Cover jars in gold for some extra shine on your table.

    Find out how here.

    14. Create these cutout cards for your mantelpiece.

    15. Splatter paint balloons.

    Grab whatever color balloons and paint you'd like and go wild!

    16. Decorate these beautiful dreidel cards for menus.

    17. String a gelt garland for some extra shimmer.

    18. Or use gelt to create a table runner.

    Grab the step by step tutorial here.

    19. Paint branches for around the room.

    These branches are red but you can easily paint them in blue, gold or white.

    20. Create these super cute pom poms.

    Whether you make them in blue, gold or white they'll be adorable hanging from the ceiling or at each plate. Learn how here.

    21. Or go with a large fringe backdrop.

    Check out the tutorial here.

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