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19 Street Artists To Keep An Eye On

Banksy's residency in New York is officially over. Here are some artists to watch while we wait to see where he pops up next.

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5. Escif based in Valencia, Spain

Escif makes street art because the street is, "an untidy, seemingly chaotic and always hectic place: a fringe standpoint, with its adolescents, immigrants, lovers, travellers, artists and other outsiders. A place where all of us are other people, where no-one is a god or a slave, where the water boils unheated and the weeds grow brazenly."


18. Know Hope based in Tel Aviv

Know Hope likes to observe various forms of "intermediate states, while focusing on 'things that stand between'- borders, fences, flags and walls." He creates beautiful and complex wheatpaste and painted works around Israel.


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