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    What The World Was Like The Year That "Star Wars" Came Out

    As we prepare ourselves for the future of Star Wars, let's take a look back.

    With the next chapter in Star Wars history is upon us, let's take a look back on what the world was like when the first movie changed the world in 1977.

    1. The Apple II computer was available for purchase.

    2. The space shuttle Enterprise, the first space shuttle, took its first flight.

    3. And scientists found that Uranus has rings.

    4. Elvis Presley died at his home at age 42.

    5. Never Mind the Bollocks: Here's The Sex Pistols came out and was banned almost immediately.

    6. The award-winning TV mini-series Roots aired on television, drawing an audience of more than 130 million.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    7. Kanye West was born.

    8. The median income in America was just over $13,000.

    9. The first MRI machine was used on a human.

    10. Rocky won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

    11. A 25-hour blackout in New York City lead to looting and vandalism.

    Tom Cunningham / NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

    12. Gas cost only 59 cents.

    13. Saturday Night Fever came out and the soundtrack sold more than 15 million copies, going 15 times platinum.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    14. British Airways introduced a Concorde service between London and New York.

    15. Charlie Chaplin died at age 88.

    16. Abba released "Dancing Queen."

    17. Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd debuted "Two Wild and Crazy Guys!" on Saturday Night Live.

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    18. The "I <3 NY" logo was used to promote New York City tourism for the first time.

    19. The first chia pet was released.

    20. The first home pregnancy test was released.

    21. Laverne and Shirley was the most popular show on television.

    22. Slim Fast started its first line of products.

    23. And Fleetwood Mac won Album of the Year for Rumours at the Grammys.