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    19 Stages Of Shopping A Gilt Sale

    Do I need this? No. Will I buy it? Yes.

    1. You get the email and immediately drop everything you're doing.

    2. You wonder if you actually need anything new.

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    3. You realize you don't, but taking a look can't hurt.

    4. You set an alarm so you don't get distracted by unimportant things like your work.

    5. You notice a sale you didn't know you wanted!

    6. You take a moment to prepare your mind and body for battle.

    7. Once you're in the zone, you click the shirt you've been coveting for the last hour.

    8. They don't have your size and your heart breaks.

    9. You try to stay calm and get a size bigger.

    Whatever, you can just get it taken in anyway.

    10. You pump yourself up and move onto the next item.

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    11. They don't have your size either! You start to worry that you didn't prioritize correctly.

    12. As you scroll you notice something you didn't see before.

    13. You aren't sure if you even like it and it's crazy expensive but it's down over $200!

    14. Suddenly, someone gives you something that has to be done right away.

    15. You look at the clock on your screen and start to panic. HERE TAKE MY MONEY!

    16. You can always return it if you don't like it.

    17. And it was such a good sale, so really you won!

    18. You go to lunch and realize you can't afford anything now. You swear you'll never go on Gilt again.

    19. But then you get your evening sale email.