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    21 Signs You're Obsessed With Peanut Butter

    Q: Did you hear the joke about the peanut butter? A: I'm not telling you, you might spread it!

    1. You know the peanut butter coma all too well.

    2. And you've felt that moment of panic when you eat too much peanut butter at once and can't swallow it all.


    But you don't even care because it's just sooo good.

    3. Seeing something peanut-butter flavored will make you stop in your tracks.

    4. You add peanut butter to any food you can.

    5. And will happily put it in your drinks.

    6. You would probably even drink this.

    7. You can basically be tricked into do anything for peanut butter.

    8. And base your relationships around it.

    9. In fact, it's kind of the way to your heart.

    10. You aren't afraid to be adventurous.

    11. As long as PB is there with you.

    12. You think this is God's gift to earth.

    13. And stock your pantry with peanut butter-covered snacks.

    14. Your go-to ice cream order is peanut butter with melted peanut butter covered in peanut-flavored toppings.

    15. You dream of a world where everything is peanut butter and nothing hurts.

    16. Because on your worst days peanut butter is there for you.

    17. The best compliment you can ever receive is that you're the peanut butter to someone else's jelly.

    18. You don't judge peanut butter for being a tease by being both healthy...

    19. ...and an insanely delicious treat.

    20. You know that there's never a bad time to have some PB.

    21. Because it is ALWAYS peanut butter jelly time.