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    22 Signs You Might Secretly Be Regina George

    It isn't easy being the Queen Bee.

    1. You were flawless long before Beyonce was.

    2. In fact, no one can even describe you because you're so perfect in every way.

    3. You know all the hot trends before everyone else.

    4. You know exactly what you want and aren't afraid to get it.

    5. You have your pick of literally any guy.

    6. Even famous ones.

    Jealous much?

    7. You don't take anyones shit.

    8. And why should you? You're literally always right anyway.

    9. You can make or break what is "cool."

    10. You don't have time for basic bitches.

    11. You always plan the best outings.

    12. Your accessorizing is totally on point.

    13. Your hair is perfect at all times.

    14. You would never let this happen to you.

    15. Your sass? Award winning.

    16. You've perfected the eye roll.

    17. Even in times of chaos, you're perfectly calm.

    18. Because you'd never let yourself get out of control like those idiots.

    19. Okay yes, some people say you're mean.

    20. But really everyone is just obsessed with you.

    21. Because you're the Queen.

    22. As you should be.