21 Reasons Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Need To Get Back Together

    The newest issue of OK! Magazine says the couple is back on. Please, oh please, be true.

    1. Because he looks like a god amongst men.

    2. And has abs like this. Yum.

    3. Meanwhile, she's a full-on angel.

    4. Whose smile could cure diseases.

    5. When they kiss it's the cutest.

    6. I mean...

    7. Hello.

    8. And they look so good at the beach.

    9. They have the same interests.

    10. They both care about the world.

    Rachel at a Habitat for Humanity build in Canada (left) and a letter Ryan wrote about "de-horning" for PETA.

    11. And can say everything with just one look.

    12. They look so cute when they fight.*

    13. And even cuter when they make up.*

    *Not confirmed that this is how they make up.

    14. They are clearly attached by magnets.

    The world's strongest magnets.

    15. They look great all dressed up.

    16. And even more adorable dressed down.

    17. They're both romantics, even if it's in their own way.

    18. They can get through anything, like this horrible mustache.

    19. And when he wore this belt.

    20. And because we've patiently waited so long.

    21. In the end, it was clearly always meant to be.