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    The 14 Stages Of Learning That Robert Pattinson May Be Dating FKA Twigs

    "I wish you could feel the complexity…the confusion…I feel."

    Step 1: See photos of them a few weeks ago and think that everyone is overreacting.

    Step 2: Wake up thinking it's any other day. Hello Monday.

    Step 3: Log onto the internet and see this.

    Step 4: And this...

    today was the day i saw robert pattinson shopping at whole foods, iconic kinda

    Step 5: Immediately start screaming.

    Step 6: Begin wondering how he could possibly be doing this to you.

    Step 7: Remember that if he's happy, then you should be happy for him. Even if it means he won't be dating you.

    Step 8: Think about the duets that are possible now.

    Step 9: Worry that you'll never hear them.

    Step 10: Panic again.

    Step 11: Look at photos of him and cry that his jawline will never be yours.

    Step 12: Decide you should try to listen to FKA Twigs to be supportive.

    Step 13: Become obsessed with her. Look into tickets to see her on tour.

    Step 14: Say you feel OK about it. Try to be OK about it. Never truly become OK with it but fake it till you make it.