25 Reasons Katy Perry Is The Queen

    50 million followers can't be wrong!

    1. She believes in never giving up on your dreams.

    2. She stands up for what she believes in.

    3. She is true to herself and her feelings.

    4. She believes it's okay to not be okay.

    5. And isn't afraid to be honest about it.

    6. But she always finds a way to have fun.

    7. Whether it's playing around with her friends.

    8. Taking a perfect selfie.

    9. Or dressing up in the perfect Halloween costumes.

    10. She loves being a total goof.

    11. She always goes all out.

    Thanks to @esNAIL_LA for making me my *HOLLYWOOD* 3D movie nails! http://t.co/9CEDwjd4

    12. Even to the smallest details.

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    13. When she has to be on, she's on.

    14. But when she is off the clock, she's just like us.

    15. She loves cats as much as we do.

    16. And would happily eat junk food with you all day.

    17. She likes to show off her boy toy.

    18. She has adorable hobbies.

    19. And loves some One Direction.

    20. She is a dedicated friend.

    21. She puts her fans first.

    22. When she smiles the entire world feels brighter.

    23. She believes that everyone is special!

    24. And that life should always be about having fun.

    25. She's just a normal girl having the time of her life.

    And THAT makes her The Queen!