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This Instagram User Is Turning Buildings Into Rainbow Colors And It's Lovely

The world is better in technicolor, it's just a fact.

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Instagram user Ramzy Masri has an eye for color, and he's using his Instagram feed to prove it.


"I've always loved color and started to seek it out in my daily life in NYC," Masri told BuzzFeed. "But found it difficult to maintain a colorful feed unless I spent a lot of time at galleries or mural hunting."

He's been using his design and photo manipulation skills to give some classic buildings a makeover.


"I thought it might be more fun to project my imagination onto the environment around me instead of running around looking for colorful things that already exist," he said. "Also, I'm proudly gay and think its super fun to give things rainbow makeovers. I think there's something kind of punk about it."


He hopes to use his photos to find positivity in the world around him.


"My subjects are often just whatever surrounds me in my daily life, he said. "My one rule about this stuff is that it should always be fun and never feel like another job, so I usually snap the things around me that will take well to's a daily practice of choosing to see the good instead of focusing on the bad."

So how does he do it? It's not easy.


He uses a tablet and stylus to operate Photoshop and then uses photo apps on his phone for final touches. "Some buildings I retouch have intricate architectural details that are extremely time consuming to recolor," he said.

So where is he going next? That's a good question, reader!

Instagram: @space.ram

"There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Europe and the Middle East that I'd like to photograph like the Pyramids at Giza or the Shard in London," he said. "I'd also love to recolor more classic American landmarks like Rushmore, the White House, and the Arch in St. Louis. Also, I think Dubai would be an amazing place to gather content. "

To watch Ramzy make the world more colorful, follow his Instagram account @space.ram!