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This Chef Is Making Pasta On Instagram And It's Amazingly Soothing

Almost as soothing as eating it. ALMOST.

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Let's be honest here, making pasta is kind of intimidating.

@miyukiadachi / Instagram

But Miyuki Adachi, a pasta chef in Toronto, has been showing us the tricks she uses to make the world's best food.

@miyukiadachi / Instagram

Sometimes she uses boards that she DIYs to get the exact ridges she wants.

Instagram: @miyukiadachi

Sometimes it's just an item in the kitchen.

Instagram: @miyukiadachi

That's how you make those freakin' bowties?!

I would probably ruin this immediately.

Instagram: @miyukiadachi

Drag and flick, the new bend and snap.

Instagram: @miyukiadachi

And a little bonus if you're more into watching pasta be made by a machine.

Instagram: @jun

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