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Posted on Jan 11, 2014

21 Painfully Honest Cakes For Every Occasion

Just because it's made of sugar doesn't mean it has to be sweet.

1. For when you have to cook at 3 a.m.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

2. For when it's just time to move on.

3. For when the truth hurts.

4. For when you just can't hold it in anymore.

5. For when you need to say something you're too embarrassed to say out loud.

6. For really any occasion.

7. For when your child is being a total ass.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

8. For the nihilist.

9. For the smoker.

10. For the person who can't ever get it right.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

11. For when someone stole your last slice of pizza.

12. For the asshole.

13. For Jeff.

14. For when someone steals your seat on the subway.

15. For the intervention.

16. For the things that don't need to be said, but you want to say it anyway.

17. For the loud mouth.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

18. For when your coworker really pisses you off.

19. For when someone needs a reminder.

20. For when you made a mistake.

21. And for your best friend.