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14 Photos That Prove That Skeleton Is The Most Badass Sport At Sochi

These helmets, man.

OK, so skeleton is like luge except WAY better. Athletes lie down on their stomach and speed down the track FACE FIRST. Like seriously, that is insanely badass. You know what else is cool? The uniforms and helmets...

1. Tomass Dukurs of Latvia

2. John Fairbairn of Canada

3. John Farrow of Australia

4. Hansin Lee of South Korea

5. Ander Mirambell of Spain

6. Sean Greenwood of Ireland

7. Janine Flock of Austria

8. Kristan Bromley of Great Britain

9. Kyle Tress of the United States

10. Anja Huber of Germany

11. John Daly of the United States

12. Sarah Reid of Canada

13. Katie Uhlaender of the United States

14. Melissa Hollingsworth of Canada