This Is Why Concerts Are A Nightmare For Short People

    It's time to stand up for what is right: concerts that EVERYONE can enjoy.

    I am exactly 5 feet tall.* I have been since, I don't know, the sixth grade? Sometimes it's a blessing — airplanes aren't THAT bad. I don't really need to worry about how tall my dates are, which I guess is a big deal for some people.

    But there is one place in my life when it is literally never ever a blessing to be my height, and that is at a concert.

    When you are only 5 feet tall (or short, period), a concert is an absolute waste of time, which is a bummer, because concerts are also a beautiful, beautiful part of life. Here's why they suck for short people.

    *Please don't tell me to wear heels. Girls shouldn't have to wear heels to everything. That is a fake rule.

    You literally can't see shit.

    You spend the entire concert having to look at the floor or something because looking ahead is awkward.

    @camilacabello97 I'm at the concert but I'm short and

    Sometimes you get stuck watching the concert through the phone of someone standing in front of you who is recording a video they'll never ever watch.

    August Alsina concert yesterday. Saw it from everyone elses snapchat while i was there. Put ya phone dwn & enjoy man

    Sometimes you have to get there early even though you don't really want to just so you can find a spot where you can stand.

    When your short and go to a concert and end up behind any normal size human

    You get pushed around because people "don't see you."

    Note: Don't ever say this to someone. It's rude.

    Some Potential Solutions:

    The concert experience as a short person is dumb. You spend the same amount of money as the people around you and get a subpar experience while the 6-foot-4 guy in front of you takes up basically the entire dance floor. Why is it that the tallest men in the world seem to need to stand right in front of you? Here are a few ways we might fix the situation:

    A) Reduced-price tickets for people under a certain height.

    B) A pit for people under a certain height.

    C) Ban tall people.

    That's it. Those are the options. Your move, society.