15 Sweet Treats To Get Your New York Valentine

Skip the teddy bear and Hershey’s combo for something both local and delicious.

1. Chocolate-covered pretzels from Fatty Sundays


Pretzels and chocolate, is there anything better? Fatty Sundays has multiple flavors including peanut butter and jelly, chocolate mint and berry granola. Your loved one will flip for these.

2. Rice krispie treats from Mister Krisp


Mister Krisp is here for all your Rice Krispies treat needs. Order them in any design and color you’d like. They are completely customizable and totally delicious.

3. Cake from The Flour Shop


No need to get a boring old heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day. The Flour Shop can bake you any cake shape you’ve ever dreamed of.

4. Bacon or Cheetos macarons from Macaron Parlour


Macaron Parlour has all the classic macaron flavors, but it’s their outside-the-box options that bring people back. Try their bacon or Cheetos flavors for an alternative Valentine’s Day treat.

5. Peanut butter taffy from The Salty Road


Salt water taffy doesn’t have to be just a beach treat. Give your Valentine a little something special with Salty Road’s delicious flavors.

6. Crepe cake from Lady M


Lady M crepes cakes are pretty expensive, but Valentine’s Day should be special — and these cakes are 100% worth it. Fluffy and light but still creamy and sweet, they’re one of a kind.

7. Stroopwafels from The Good Batch


Good Batch cookies has something for everyone. The “Stroopwafels” (on the left) are filled with a buttery caramel that your Valentine won’t be able to resist. Not that into caramel? No problem! Their straight-up cookies are hefty, sweet and perfectly baked.

8. Sura skallar from Sockerbit


Gummys, gummys and more gummys! Sockerbit is a candy-addicts dream. The store has bins upon bins of delicious Swedish candies that’ll be a real treat for the “not that into chocolate” Valentine you have.

9. Dulce de leche doughnuts from Dough


There are few things more delicious than doughnuts. So head to Dough in Brooklyn to pick up a little treat for your loved one.

10. Beer and pretzel caramels from Liddabit Sweets


Liddabit’s caramels, made in small batches in Brooklyn, are all kinds of delicious. Don’t forget to try the beer & pretzel variety.

11. Crack pie and candy bar pie from Milk Bar


You can close your eyes, pick pretty much anything off the Milk Bar menu, and it will make your Valentine happy. But their pies are really one of a kind. Once you try the crack pie, you’ll never go back.

12. Chocolate butter crunch from Baking Soda Shop


Chocolate butter crunch is sweet and salty and a dream come true. Some grab some right away!

13. Hard candy from Brooklyn Hard Candy


Made in small batches, each flavor is delicious and comes in a small bottle that is a gift in itself.

14. Chocolate from Fine And Raw Chocolate


Don’t stop at CVS for that processed chocolate when you can grab something local and raw for your sweetie.

15. Pistachio Crack from Davis’ Famous Pistachio Crack


Sweet, salty, and crunchy: Be warned, there is a reason this is called crack. Just try not to eat it all before you give it to your Valentine.

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