30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before 2016

    Sometimes you have to take a look back so you can look forward.

    The end of the year always feels like a time that you’re supposed to feel bad about yourself: “This year sucked! Next year will be different.”

    So instead of ragging on 2015, here are some questions to help you look back on the year in a healthy, productive way.

    1. What did you do this year that you're proud of?

    2. Who did you meet this year that inspired you?

    3. What did you read that you think bettered you?

    4. What are songs that you will always hear and think of this year even when you're listening on some contraption that hasn't even been invented yet?

    5. What were some times that you laughed so hard you could barely breathe?

    6. What were your favorite movies? Not what was good, not what you had to see because of your friends or the media. What were your favorites?

    7. What are some fears that you had at the beginning of the year that you overcame?

    8. What were quotes that you loved this year?

    9. What are ways that you exercised self care?

    10. What are things you want to see more of next year?

    11. What are five things you did that you never thought you'd actually do?

    12. What were your favorite things this year?

    13. What are the most important things you learned this year?

    14. What is your favorite photo from this year?

    15. What are five things you want to say to people you love?

    16. What are some places where you feel true joy in your life?

    17. Where do you feel most yourself?

    18. What were your favorite meals?

    19. How did you calm yourself in times of stress?

    20. What are some compliments that you received that deeply affected you?

    21. Who are people that you believe are bringing out the best in you?

    22. What items of clothing did you buy that felt the most you?

    23. What are you excited about leaving behind in 2015?

    24. What are five things that you were hard on yourself about but would never have been hard on a friend if they were experiencing it?

    25. What are the best pieces of advice you heard this year?

    26. What are the best pieces of advice you gave this year?

    27. What things have you been putting off doing because you didn't have time?

    28. What are some things you'd like to focus and work on in the next year?

    29. What are the best parts of you that you feel really showed through this year?

    30. What are your biggest hopes for 2016?

    Now go out there and celebrate!