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23 Times Nathan And Haley Made You Believe In True Love

The One Tree Hill couple was clearly meant to be together always and forever.

1. When it all started.

2. And Nathan dropped this beautiful line.

3. When Haley tried to be a jock and was adorably horrible at it.

4. When Nathan was legit the hottest ever and you swore right then and there that you would find someone equally sexy.

5. When he apologized in the rain and it was kind of corny but also amazing.

6. Whenever they had date nights.

7. When they got engaged, even though it wasn't "normal."

8. And then got married and you knew it would last forever anyway.

9. When Haley found out that Nathan was still wearing his wedding ring. And you died inside because he still loved her so much.

10. When they were connected on a cosmic level.

11. When Nathan couldn't wait to kiss her, so he did the cutest thing ever.

12. When he risked his life to come back for her.

13. And Haley risked hers for him.

14. When they fist-bumped to being total screwups.

15. When The Ravens won the championship and the only person Nathan wanted to celebrate with was Haley.

16. And when Haley was more excited about the NBA than Nathan was.

17. When, despite their mistakes, you knew they would be OK in the end.

18. Because they always stood by each other even when things got tough.

19. And happily shifted their priorities when needed.

20. Basically anytime they were with Jamie and were the perfect little family.

21. When they said things like this and you could feel their bond growing stronger.

22. When we found out that Nathan doesn't even like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I mean...

23. And when Nathan came home and everything felt right again.

Because Nathan and Haley are always and forever.