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    Posted on Jan 9, 2014

    Naked Alexander Skarsgard Sitting On Things Is The Meme You've Always Wanted

    All hail the Golden God. Add your own sitting Skarsgard in the comments.

    It all started with this glorious picture of Alexander Skarsgard sitting on a toilet at the South Pole after he raced Prince Harry there in December 2013.

    FYI: It was -22° F at the time of this photo.

    So naturally, we had to put him on things.

    Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

    Like on our editorial staff.

    Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

    And this old man turtle.

    Joanna Borns / BuzzFeed

    And with ScarJo.

    Rega Jha / BuzzFeed

    A truly beautiful meme in her own right.

    And with himself, last time he went naked.

    Mackenzie Kruvant / BuzzFeed

    Less fire and penis this time though.

    And him taking a shit in someone's chimney.

    Tom Phillips / BuzzFeed

    The alternative Santa Claus story.

    On the Polar Vortex that is attacking the east coast.

    Mackenzie Kruvant / BuzzFeed

    In this chicken curry in a bowl that looks like a toilet.

    Justin Abarca / BuzzFeed

    In an on going loop of Skarsgard pooping FOREVER.

    Ze Frank / BuzzFeed

    On HOVA's shoulder.


    On a block of fruit ice that a bear is enjoying.

    Esther Nazareth / Divulgação Rio Zoo / BuzzFeed

    Now use this transparent png to make your own!

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