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The 21 Most Important Kendall Jenner Outfits Of 2014

The reality TV star turned model was unstoppable this year.

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In the now famous "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" game, K-Stars are impossible to get but incredibly important — they allow you to level up and end up on the A-list. So, naturally we ranked Kendall's outfits by K-Stars.



Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

Why it's important: Kendall rocked this Rolling Stones hairstyle for a full hour as she walked the runway at fashion week. Luckily it was only an hour.


Why it's important: OK, first of all, get it, Kendall. Her body looks awesome and she's obviously mad confident, so good for her. However, she's only 19, which makes her the age of a lot of little sisters and that's just too much to handle.


Getty Images for Victoria's Secret Michael Loccisano

Why is it important: Every photo of this outfit looked like a dress but SURPRISE it's a shirt and skirt. Unfortunately it's a kinda boring look until you see the back and then you'll wish it was boring.



Why it's important: This is what Kendall wore during the Kimye wedding festivities. Enough said.


Why it's important: This is a beautiful and crazy-flattering dress for Kendall. However, she can't walk or sit or exist in it, so...



Why it's important: So clean, so beautiful. Kendall proves that she's sexy all covered up. Half a star deducted because the hat is rather large and half a star deducted because we have no idea what is going on at the bottom of this.


JB Lacroix / WireImage

Why it's important: This outfit is old-school Kendall. It's classy and beautiful and fits perfectly — not that her other outfits don't. This outfit is just obviously kid Kendall vs. the adult Kendall we got toward the end of the year. It shows just how much a person's style can change in only a year.


Why it's important: No clothing is visible in this selfie and it's still 100 times more beautiful than a normal human's.


Why it's important: Let's be honest, this is peak Kendall. She's perfect.