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Miranda Lambert Brought To Tears While Singing To A Young Fan With Cancer

Grab some tissues for this one.

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On Saturday, while performing "Over You" in Corpus Christi, Miranda Lambert reached out for a fan in the crowd. By the time she let go she was visibly upset and crying.

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The young fan was Brooke Hester, a 7-year-old girl who is currently battling stage 4 cancer.

After the country star let go of Hester's hand she was unable to finish the song, instead allowing the crowd to do so for her.

"Brooke goes wild singing along with Miranda Lambert's energetic songs, and later in the performance when she sang her favorite one, the 'Little Red Wagon' song, Brooke wanted to get down (from her mother's hold) and dance as she belted out each lyric with all the swagger and strength the song inspires. I remember Brooke kissed my cheek (as if I had any credit for the evening whatsoever) and said, 'Mommy this is the best night ever!!!!'"

"Over You" was written by Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton in honor of his brother, who died in a car accident when Blake was just 14.

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We're with you Miranda.

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