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Macklemore Reminds Fans Why He's The Best, By Telling Them To Not Buy His Tour Merchandise

That shirt is hella dough. via reddit.

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So, a fan noticed this at a Macklemore concert.


Can't afford the album? Pirate that ishhh and share it.Can't afford a t-shirt? Try Seattle area Goodwills and Value Villages.... we just donated a bunch that I have worn at shows.If you DO want to buy something...I want to let the fans know that merch prices will be jacked on tour due to the MAN controlling venue merch sales.If you do want a shirt or a deluxe Heist copy, it's cheaper online, and when you buy direct you support the independent movement and the money doesn't go to venue middle men. All our shirts are printed at local Seattle factory Inner City Empire.Merch gals (and my brother) printing and mailing all day today!!Hope to see you all this fall!

Thanks Macklemore!