29 Reasons Why 2014 Is Already The Year Of The Booty

    Look back at it.

    While booties have been beloved since the dawn of time, 2014 will forever be remembered as the year when broad swaths of music and popular culture suddenly reached Peak Booty. Here's definitive evidence.

    1. J.Lo showed off what Papi has got.

    2. Nicki announced her new single.

    3. And the internet went crazy.

    2014: the year the internet destroyed kermit the frog

    4. Like literally crazy.

    5. And then she broke the internet with her Anaconda music video.

    6. Because the internet has no chill.

    7. Calum Hood from 5SOS went full "butt"-al.

    8. A K-Pop group twerked it out.

    9. Beyonce covered her stage with gold colored butts.

    10. Amber Rose proved that the VMA's were all about the butt this year.

    11. And twerked it out for her husband.

    12. The Shmoney dance took over the internet.

    13. Iggy's bootie was queen.

    14. Harry Styles got cheeky.

    15. Even Taylor got in on the action.

    16. Or tried to at least.

    17. J.Lo defended her title as a big booty icon.

    18. Damn girl!

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    19. Cuba Gooding Jr showed off some cheeks.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. Flashes His Butt & Looks Ripped at the Beach http://t.co/sgx49gsiSg

    20. Jason Derulo went full wiggle.

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    21. Meghan Trainor celebrated having all that bass.

    22. Sports Illustrated showed off a new side.

    23. Kim Kardashian continued to show off her ASSets.

    24. And Andy Cohen took a selfie.

    25. Jen Setler and her butt broke 1 million followers on Instagram.

    26. Ariana Grande couldn't handle herself when looking at Tamron Hall's rump.

    "Dat booty, tho."

    27. Marvel announced Spider-Woman #1.

    28. Cody Simpson showed the world what he's got.

    29. And even this corgi got down.

    Who runs the world? Butts run the world.