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19 Reasons Living Alone Is The Best

Just me, myself and no pants whatsoever.

1. You can use the bathroom without closing the door.

2. And toilet paper never really needs to be put on its holder.

3. You don't have to say hi to anyone until you get to the office.

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4. You can do all the embarrassing and gross things you want without fear of judgment.

5. Secret Belieber? Belt out that jam.

6. You will never come home to your roommate too drunk to function.

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7. You can leave your clothing in the bathroom for days.

8. You don't have to give anyone a heads-up before bringing home a special someone.

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9. When you spill something all over your couch, you can get a new one without asking anyone's opinion about it.

10. When your fitted sheet falls off your bed you can just ignore it and sleep on the bare mattress for weeks.

11. You don't have to pretend to not hear your roommate having sex with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

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12. And when they break up, you don't have to politely ask your roommate when they last showered.

13. You never have to wait for anyone to get out of the bathroom to pee or shower.

14. Speaking of no roommates, you know how you never seem to have as many popcorn bags as you remember? No problem! No one is going to steal your goodies.

15. You don't have to cover your apartment in passive-aggressive notes.

16. You don't have to share the TV, so you can have impromptu TV parties.

17. No one will save over the game you were playing on your Xbox.

18. You don't have to make small talk when you'd rather just be left alone.

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19. And most importantly, you don't ever have to wear pants.