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29 Lessons You Learned At Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway camp is a time for growth, exploration, and sneaking Chinese food into your bunk.

1. You only need to pack the essentials.

2. A cause is more important than an individual.

3. A jean skirt will get all the boys.

4. Everything looks better with a camp logo on it.

5. The sign of a true friendship is a bracelet.

6. You were forced to learn the value of candy portion control to deal with the rations you got from the canteen.

7. ...Until your care packages arrived and your bunk became a black market.

8. You learned how to harness your inner Katniss.

9. It's totally normal to be best friends with your 46-year-old counselor.

10. If you push all your clothing to the sides of the room, it will look cleaner and you can probably pass inspection.

11. Newcomb is simply better than volleyball.

12. A good card game can make any boring situation fun.

13. Cutting your T-shirts can maximize how much skin you're showing.

14. You mastered the girl crouch.

15. Just how sweet victory can be!

16. It's safer to not think about what's in the lake.

17. You can get almost anything you want by complaining.

18. It's OK to cry at the campfire, because what happens at campfire, stays at the campfire.

19. It doesn't matter where a field trip is going, as long as junk food will be available.

20. The more photos you have, the more popular you look.

21. You learned the importance of a good braid.

22. Summer camp friends are the best kind of friends there are.

23. Color coordinating is an essential skill.

24. A summer isn't complete without learning all the lyrics to Dispatch's "The General."

25. Sometimes it actually is appropriate to wear Crocs.

26. There are a lot of drinking games you can play without alcohol.

27. You can turn any song into a "camp song."

28. It's never a bad time to hold hands.

29. And the two months you spend at camp are the only months that matter.