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    Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The BuzzFeed Food Instagram

    Let's get #BuzzFeast-ing!

    Do you love food? Love eating it? Love making it? Love taking photos of it?

    Amazing, because we have the perfect thing for you...

    Get delicious food photos, original recipes, tips you can use in the kitchen, and fun videos directly in your Instagram feed.

    "But how can I join it?"

    That is such a good question. You can start by following us and using the hashtag #BuzzFeast for your food photos.

    The #BuzzFeast hashtag is for when you order something that's truly delicious, when you make something you have to show off, or when you see a food mashup that is just genius.

    Our editors are looking through the hashtag for photos to feature on the Instagram so make sure they're ~food blog ready~!

    See you there, buzzfooders.