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21 Reasons It's Awesome To Have Your Sister As Your Best Friend

Sister, sister!

1. You have a built-in date for 1 a.m. McDonald's runs.

2. And someone to look at when your mom makes really uncomfortable comments.

3. You have a partner to start 1,000 different projects with.

4. And someone to keep you grounded when you're actually making it big.

5. Your sister will be there for all your milestones.

6. And can share the trouble when your parents find out.

7. Laughing? How about until you can't breathe anymore.

8. Which makes family vacations actually fun.

9. Your sister will always know the right way to compliment you.

10. They'll give you tough love when you start slipping into bad habits.

11. But will keep their judgments to themselves because you have matching crazies.

12. Until you don't.

13. But that's OK because only you guys can understand how truly crazy your family is.

14. Or that dance you guys used to perform as kids.

15. Just be careful because they WILL be your maid of honor and WILL embarrass you with it.

16. Your reactions are always the same, so words are rarely needed.

17. Your closet is double the size.

18. Which can be used to wear matching outfits.

19. And great for when they help you get ready for dates.

20. And even if it doesn't feel like it, they always have your back.

21. Even if it comes to physical blows.

Because people come and go, but sisters are forever!