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24 Of The Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes Of 2014

They're almost too gorgeous to eat. Almost.

1. This beauty dripping with flowers.

2. This perfect pop of color.

3. This cake that got naked.

4. This beautiful classic.

5. This ode to the triangle.

6. This clean and modern look.

7. This cake that was all about the detail.

8. This adorable chalkboard.

9. This beautiful use of gold.

10. This darling ombre.

11. This colorful gem.

12. This stack of ruffles.

13. This perfect mix of metallics and flowers.

14. This fairy tale-like treasure.

15. This totally adorable couple.

16. This delicious work in progress.

17. This perfect marriage of gray and white.

18. This winter wonderland.

19. This classy cake.

20. This perfect floral arrangement.

21. This cake that dared to be different.

22. This ethereal dessert.

23. This ode to the fall.

24. And this alluring work of art.