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    16 Awesome Instagram Accounts From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

    Reminds me of the one I love. *clap clap clap*

    1. @thuglifeforevs

    Emily Blincoe uses her Instagram both to show a slice of her daily life and to showcase an art project that celebrates food, color, and mild OCD tendencies.

    2. @mattcrump

    Matt Crump sees Texas in a way no one else does, as a canvas to create what he calls "candy-colored minimalist" work.

    3. @ilovetexasphoto

    The I Love Texas Photo Instagram is passed every few days to a different Texas-based photographer to show a range of views of the state.

    4. @abstractconformity

    John Dunaway is based in Texas but travels the world through the merchant marine. His Instagram is filled with many adventures.

    5. @jackieleeyoung

    Jackie Lee Young is a portrait artist who uses her Instagram to show her work and her personal adventures.

    6. @hunter_lawrence

    Hunter Lawrence lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and his dog, Aspen. When he isn't working, he backpacks and travels in his 1972 VW Van.

    7. @sarah_michelle_lawrence

    Surprise! Sarah is @hunter_lawrence's wife and her Instagram is just as beautiful.

    8. @thomasguy

    Thomas Guy is a designer based in Austin, Texas.

    9. @drewanthonysmith

    Drew Anthony Smith is the former online photo editor of Fast Company Magazine. He's now a full-time photographer in the Lone Star State

    10. @kylesteed

    Kyle is an illustrator, topographer, and photographer based outside of Dallas.

    11. @geoffduncan

    Geoff Duncan is a wedding and portrait photographer who travels around Texas by bike.

    12. @laurenmarek

    If Lauren Marek's Instagram had a motto it would be "Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose." It perfectly encapsulates what you'd imagine Texas life would be like.

    13. @chriscodyyy

    Chris Cody is a photographer based out of Dallas. Chris' Instagram is great to follow to get recommendations for restaurants and businesses in the area.

    14. @tylersharpphoto

    Tyler Sharp is a documentary photographer, writer, and filmmaker based out of Dallas. He is currently working with the Texas Historical Commission to organize a 400-mile horseback ride up the Chisholm Trail in Texas.

    15. @findfarah

    Farah is in her residency to become a doctor in Austin. How she has time to take photos, we'll never know. But we're lucky she does!

    16. @danieldav_is

    Daniel Davis is a photographer, with a very cute dog, based in Austin.