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How Much Of A Morning Person Are You?

Rise and shine!

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    You only have to set one alarm.
    But you usually wake up before it goes off anyway.
    You get out of bed before the sun does.
    You never hit snooze.
    You enjoy the silence in the morning.
    You’re usually more chipper than the people at Starbucks.
    You can wake up entirely without coffee.
    You have no idea how people function without eating breakfast.
    And your roommate hates you because every morning you make noise trying to get your breakfast ready.
    You’ve signed up for exercise classes before 9 a.m. — happily.
    And for classes before 8 a.m.
    And for classes before 7 a.m.
    You’ve talked a night owl into going to one of those morning classes with you.
    That friend came once, and never came back.
    You’ll work out even if it’s still dark outside.
    You know you’re getting sick when your friends wake up before you.
    You do work in the morning because you know you’ll never get to it later.
    You’ve spent more hours than you can count watching “Morning Joe,” because that’s what on when you’re at the gym.
    And you’ve seen all hours of the "Today" show.
    You've gone to work out in the morning and seen people still coming home from last night.
    And you’ve given your roommate the breakfast you just made when they come home from a night out too drunk to function.
    You look at the time stamps on emails from co-workers and wonder what they were doing up so late.
    You get more done before noon than most people do in an entire day.
    You watch all of your shows the next morning.
    Because you hate staying up to watch them at night.
    You're an expert in avoiding spoilers from the previous night's shows.
    You regularly wake up and have no idea what anyone is talking about on Twitter because you’ve been asleep since Primetime.
    Your worst fear is a sporting event that goes into overtime — and past your bedtime.
    You’ve fallen asleep during a movie or a show that started after 10 p.m.
    You’ve taken a nap between work and going out.
    When your evening activities interfere with your normal bedtime, you’re grumpy for days afterward.
    You’ve had nightmares about accidentally sleeping in.
    Your Instagram account is filled with photos of sunrise.
    Your Twitter stream is filled with your friends on another continent talking about lunch.
    Your Facebook news feed is filled with photos from other people’s adventures the night before.
    You enjoy quietly judging what your friends were doing at 3 a.m. the night before.
    You don’t mind booking that 7 a.m. flight — you’re up at that hour anyway.
    You’re constantly trying to talk your friends into the benefits of waking up early.
    Your ideal “brunch” time is just flat-out breakfast.
    And no one will go with you :(
    When you vacation you do most of your activities before anyone else is up.
    But you’re still in charge of waking everyone else up.
    You’re the one to get the towels and chairs.
    You sometimes stand outside of stores waiting for them to open.
    You know what your city looks like when the streets are empty.
    You think your city never looks quite as beautiful as it does when it’s empty.
    Even if you try to sleep in you still wake up before anything is even open.
    You have to drink coffee to make it to plans after work.
    You hate when your friends say you’re going out anytime after 8 p.m.
    Everyone gets frustrated at you when you say “hello” so happily.
    But you don’t even care.

How Much Of A Morning Person Are You?

You have never done a single productive thing before 1 p.m., and that’s OK! Mornings are terrible, and sleeping is the best thing in the whole world, and that’s just the way it’s always going to be.
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You’re tired of mornings, and tired of morning people. Who’s really that enthusiastic before 10 a.m., anyway? Your only true friend in this world is the snooze button.

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You’re sleeping in on weekends. But you’re OK with getting up, grabbing that morning coffee, and getting to work. You’re not going to be all that peppy before noon, but you can handle it.

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You think mornings are pretty useful. You’ll hit snooze every once in a while, but you’re usually up and doing stuff early — and feeling pretty productive!

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You love mornings. You’re up early to work — and work out — because the mornings are your time. You’re early to bed and early to rise, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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