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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    19 Perfect Gifts To Buy For The Emoji Lover In Your Life

    *smile with hearts for eyes emoji*

    1. A pin to show their dedication to everyone they pass.

    2. A pillow for their beautiful head.

    3. Some art to sit by their bed.

    4. An emoji necklace to hang around their neck for safe keeping.

    5. A sweater that is good enough to eat.

    6. A little encouragement for their wall.

    7. Some emoji love for their ears.

    8. Some warmth with some emoji support.

    9. A shirt that speaks for itself.

    10. Some cool shit to walk in.

    11. And if you've got the funds, these shoes for their emoji lovin' feet.

    12. Go full moon with this t-shirt.

    13. Emoji overload with this t-shirt.

    14. Crop it up.

    15. Prove that emojis aren't just for inside your phone.

    16. Some laptop emoji lovin'.

    17. Matching necklaces to show your BFF love.

    18. A surfboard t-shirt from Beyonce.

    19. And honestly if all else fails, just go with them to get a tattoo like Drake.

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