45 Times Harry Potter Fans Lost Their Cool At The Movie Theater

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

1. When the credits started and the room filled with screams so loud you felt the ground move.

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2. When Hagrid told Harry what he was and you were like, DAMN RIGHT HE IS.

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3. When you first saw Diagon Alley and you knew it was all starting!

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4. The first time Harry caught the snitch and you wished Quidditch was real.


5. When you saw the Great Hall decorated for the holidays and you longed to be at Hogwarts so badly.

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6. When Harry and Draco dueled and everyone found out Harry spoke Parseltongue.

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7. When Harry stabbed Tom Riddle’s diary.

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And when you later found out it was a Horcrux it BLEW YOUR MIND.

8. When Dobby was set free by the sock Harry hid in the book and Lucius was infuriated.

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9. The first time you saw a Dementor and tried to act cool but were actually terrified.

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10. When Hermione clocked Draco and you were just like, GET IT GURL.

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11. When Harry defeated an army of Dementors with the Patronus Charm.

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12. The first time we were blessed with the beautiful Cedric Diggory.

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Jumping out of a tree? How very Twilight of you.

13. The Quidditch World Cup!

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14. Watching all the Triwizard Tournament tasks and having very real anxiety about them.

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers

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15. When Voldemort officially came back.

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16. And he couldn’t kill Harry because of Priori Incantatem.

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17. When Hogwarts held a ceremony for Cedric and Dumbledore dropped some wisdom.

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18. When Sirius said this to Harry and you cried inside because you knew he was talking about himself.

19. Every scene with Fred and George.


20. When Harry dropped this line and the whole theater applauded.

Warner Brothers


21. When Sirius said this right before he died and you sobbed uncontrollably.

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Sirius <3 James

22. When Dumbledore gave you the best mental image of him knitting in his free time.

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23. When Ginny said this to Harry and you laughed because it was corny but you secretly loved it.


24. When Hermione put Harry in check.

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25. When Harry took Felix Felicis and he was basically high.

26. When Ron said Hermione’s name and he unknowingly broke up with Lavender Brown.

And your heart melted because Hermione was so happy.

27. When everyone raised their wands for Dumbledore and you had to stop yourself from standing up with them.

28. When Fleur basically called Harry ugly.

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29. That time Harry and Hermione started dancing and you were confused and uncomfortable but thought it was sweet.

30. When Ron imagined Harry and Hermione kissing and you felt like you were going to vomit.

31. When Dobby stood up for himself and the whole theater clapped.

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32. When Voldemort got the Elder Wand and it was the best and worst cliff-hanger ever.

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33. When the battle began and you wanted to protect Hogwarts.

34. When McGonagall used Piertotum Locomotor and was so excited about it.

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35. When Harry and Ginny kissed during the commotion of the battle and it was awkward and weak.

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36. When Hogwarts was destroyed you couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

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37. When Fred and George spoke to each other for the last time and you sobbed because you knew what was coming.

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Still crying.

38. When Snape said “always” and your heart broke into a million pieces.

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39. And then this happened and you just lost it.

40. When this unexpected gem happened and you couldn’t stop laughing.

41. When Molly was literally the shit.

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42. Seeing Neville become a total badass.


43. When Voldemort died and you felt a weight lifted off your heart.

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44. When Harry stood up for Snape and you would give anything for Snape to know.

45. And when the light hits Hogwarts just right, you can’t help but smile as your heart fills with love.

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