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    18 Great Pre-Deployment Gifts For Military Families

    The only thing harder than deployment is finding the perfect gift to give before they leave.


    1. Meal Improvement Kit

    Military food can get old after a month. Send your soldier with their own stock of spices to jazz up their MREs. Get it here!

    2. A Journal

    Purchase your loved one a journal to write down all their experiences here!

    3. Engrave a wallet insert.

    Give your soldier something they can keep with them all day. Pick up a personalized insert here.

    4. Energy Jars

    Pack emergency energy jars for the days when your soldier needs a pick-me-up. A plus: the jar can then be used to hold other things around the base.

    5. Write "open when..." cards

    Purchase a collection of cards ranging from love, encouragement, funny, etc. Then write a personal note in each. Write on the envelope when they should open them, for example: when you are missing me, when you are frustrated, when you are having a bad day, or when you just want to laugh.

    6. If you'd rather buy the cards.

    Grab these sweet long-distance cards here.

    7. A Kiss Jar

    Fill a jar with Hershey's kisses for a cute countdown gift.

    8. "Seven Days of Love" Pill Case

    Fill a pill case with candy and love notes for a daily treat.

    9. Send hugs!

    Who doesn't love a good hug? Send one along with your loved one to keep with them. Learn how here!


    10. Matching bracelets

    Purchase matching bracelets for a nice reminder that you're always there. Pick up this American flag bracelet here!

    11. A countdown sign

    Grab one for your loved one here.

    12. Personalized Thumbprint Necklace

    Personalize this necklace with both your and your loved one's fingerprints for a unique love token. Purchase it here!

    13. Make them a food journal.

    Make your loved one a journal to keep track of where to take you when you get home. Learn how here.

    14. The Military Wives' New Testament

    Purchase this military Bible here!

    15. Keep a key for every place you call home.

    Use a shadow box to create some personalized art that will remind your loved one that home is a state of mind.

    16. 52 Things I Love About You Cards

    Make a little book of all the reasons you love your significant for them to keep. Learn how here.

    17. Customizable latitude necklace

    Order two: one for you and one for them so you can wear each other's coordinates with pride! Grab this great necklace here!

    18. "Remember Me" rings

    Grab this classic ring here!