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10 Times "Friday Night Lights" And "Parenthood" Were The Exact Same Show

We're on to you, Jason Katims. And we love you for it.

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4. When Angela Rawna, who played Vince's mom, was a therapist for Camille and Zeek.

In Friday Night Lights, Regina Howard, who played Vince's mom, was always in and out of rehab for her drug addiction. In Parenthood, she helps Camille and Zeek work on their marriage.

5. When Derek Phillips, who played Billy Riggins, showed up at Crosby's wedding as a character named Billy.

Billy is Riggins' rock on FNL. But in Parenthood he's anything but steady. (He turned up again — this time most definitely as beer-swigging Billy Riggins — at the Luncheonette in the Parenthood webisode series.)

6. When Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who played Jess, joined Parenthood as a total badass political advisor.

Jess was always on top of her game in FNL. She was smart and fast thinking and always helping people around her. Surprise! She is exactly the same in Parenthood. But this time she's into politics.


10. When Landry and his band, Crucifictorious, performed at the Luncheonette in the Parenthood web series.

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No seriously, it's Landry. Not the actor that plays Landry. It is actually just Landry. Meanwhile, Mae Whitman's character, Amber, wears an East Dillon Lions T-shirt and asks Billy to tell Tim that she says hi. The two apparently hooked up once. ("It was one time.") And she calls Landry "Lance," apparently under the influence of Coach Taylor's inability to get his name right.