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22 Instagram Accounts Food Lovers Should Follow In 2014

These aren't just your everyday photos of someone's dinner.

1. @julieskitchen

Julie's collages on Instagram started out as a way to show the seasonal and local offerings she was purchasing at farmers markets in her neighborhood. She says it's now evolved to be a "study of plant design, exploration of color theory, and pure, unadulterated food-love."

2. @idafrosk

Ida Skivenes from Norway likes to play with her food and eat it too.

3. @ediblebrooklyn

Edible Brooklyn is a guide to everything edible in Brooklyn, New York. They celebrate the borough's food culture, season by season.

4. @tifforelie

Tiffany calls herself a stylist, foodie, baker, photographer, illustrator, and blogger. She runs a blog called Offbeat and Inspired that covers cooking, DIY, decor, fashion, and beauty.

5. @topwithcinnamon

At only 17, Izy Hossack runs a successful food blog called Top with Cinnamon from her flat in London.

6. @lindsaymaitland

Lindsay Hunt is the associate food editor at Real Simple Magazine.

7. @aprilbloomfield

April Bloomfield's Instagram is a mix of food and photos of her life as a chef at her restaurants in New York.

8. @edibleliving

Sarah Copeland is the food director at Real Simple magazine. She uses her Instagram to show new recipes she is working on and her adorable children.

9. @jackswifefreda

Jack's wife Freda's Instagram takes followers behind the scenes of the successful New York City restaurant.

10. @tartinebaker

Every day Tartine Bakery & Cafe in San Francisco bakes almost 300 loaves of bread, and they are all sold within the first hours of the bakery opening. However, you can always find bread on their Instagram!

11. @gavinkaysen

Gavin Kaysen is a talented chef who works for the famous French restauranteur Daniel Boulud. The photos on his Instagram display the detailed and modern dishes he's producing at Café Boulud.

12. @andrewoknowlton

Andrew Knowlton is the restaurant editor for Bon Appétit magazine.

13. @abckitchen

ABC Kitchen is one of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's many restaurants in New York City. While the restaurant can be tricky to get into, its Instagram doesn't need reservations.

14. @food52

The website Food52 aims to help people become better, smarter, and happier cooks. It features recipes, articles about food, and an active user community. Its Instagram is filled with goodies the founders and their followers are cooking.

15. @joythebaker

Joy is a a self-taught baker and blogger located in Los Angeles. Her Instagram will make your mouth water and have you running to your oven to try her recipes for yourself.

16. @timmelideo

This is kind of cheating because Tim Melideo doesn't have a food-only Instagram. Instead he has an Instagram that features photos of (mostly vegan) food he eats, along with images of what he wore that day, his wife, their travels, and the weddings that they shoot together. However, the photos of his food (tagged #timsfood) are always delicious looking, making it totally worth a follow.

17. @jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver, the famous British chef, uses his Instagram to upload recipes every day and to remind us that his life may be the coolest in the world.

18. @sliceofpai

Joann Pai is a food and lifestyle photographer out of Vancouver who uses Instagram to document the places she goes and the delicious things she eats there.

19. @sundaysuppers

Karen Mordechai is a photographer and food stylist. She is the creator of Sunday Suppers, a communal cooking center in Brooklyn.

20. @pissinginthepunchbowl

Marcus Nilsson is a talented food photographer who works with magazines like Martha Stewart and Bon Appétit. His Instagram allows followers to go behind the scenes on some of his most famous cover shoots.

21. @camillebecerra

Camille Becerra is a chef living in downtown NYC. She has worked in the hospitality industry and competed on Bravo Network's Top Chef.

22. @gjelinatakeaway

Gjelina Take Away is the to-go sister of the successful Venice, Calif., restaurant Gjelina. Its Instagram will make you want to drop whatever you're doing, jump on a plane to L.A., and head straight to GTA.