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22 Instagram Accounts Food Lovers Should Follow In 2014

These aren't just your everyday photos of someone's dinner.

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1. @julieskitchen

Julie's collages on Instagram started out as a way to show the seasonal and local offerings she was purchasing at farmers markets in her neighborhood. She says it's now evolved to be a "study of plant design, exploration of color theory, and pure, unadulterated food-love."


14. @food52

The website Food52 aims to help people become better, smarter, and happier cooks. It features recipes, articles about food, and an active user community. Its Instagram is filled with goodies the founders and their followers are cooking.


16. @timmelideo

This is kind of cheating because Tim Melideo doesn't have a food-only Instagram. Instead he has an Instagram that features photos of (mostly vegan) food he eats, along with images of what he wore that day, his wife, their travels, and the weddings that they shoot together. However, the photos of his food (tagged #timsfood) are always delicious looking, making it totally worth a follow.