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    An Instagram User Is Making Beautiful Rainbows Out Of Food

    Lining up her tomatoes so you don't have to.

    Some would say food is an art in itself but food photographer and Instagram user Brittany Wright (@wrightkitchen) has taken the form to a new height.

    Wright has been creating #foodgradients, a celebration of the color and forms found in foods.

    Many of her photos show the changes in a food as it is transformed through cooking.

    Or how many varieties there are in something as simple as an egg.

    Sometimes they're all about the color.

    But her favorite photos are ones that show "the process food takes during its growth."

    Especially if it's something she harvested in her yard in Seattle, WA.

    "I want everyone to see what their food looks like," Wright said. "I’d love to help “rebrand” fruits and vegetables, helping shed a bright light on how lovely they actually are."

    "Making something out of nothing is my favorite style."

    Wright is about to head out on a cross-country farm tour. Follow along on her Instagram.