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24 Surprising Facts About "Cheers" You May Not Know

There is always more to learn about the gang.

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4. Cheers was a family affair for Rhea Pearlman, who played Carla.


Rhea's sister wrote 17 episodes and produced 26 episodes of Cheers. Their father, Philip Perlman, also appeared in 32 episodes as an extra.


16. There is an episode from the first season that has never been aired, nor does it appear in the Season 1 DVD set or on Netflix.

The special "mini-episode" was produced for the U.S. Treasury to be used during savings bonds drives.

A synopsis courtesy of IMDB: Cliff mentions that he is taking a trip to the land of Paul Gaugin, namely Tahiti. How can he afford such a trip? He invested in US Savings Bonds through the post office's payroll savings plan. When Sam contemplates purchasing some savings bonds himself, Diane balks at the notion, believing that the stock market is the way to make money. Based on literature Sam has on hand and the knowledge that Cliff and Norm have on the issue, they try to convince Diane, Carla and Coach that bonds are not only a safe investment but a high yield and tax smart one.

19. The photo Sam adjusts in the finale hung in Nicholas Colasanto's (Coach) dressing room.

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The picture of Geronimo, which can be seen on the back wall from the end of season 3 to the final episode of the series, used to be located in Nicholas Colasanto’s dressing room. When the beloved actor passed away, they moved the picture to the set, in his honor. In the final episode of Cheers, before Sam says his final line, he moves to the picture to adjust it. Ted did this as a final farewell to Nick.


20. Eddie's death was intentional.

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Jay Thomas (Eddie), a DJ radio host, was asked by a caller what it was like working on Cheers. Jay then made some not so nice comments about working with Rhea Perlman, who happened to be listening to his show that morning.

His comment cost him the Cheers job, which resulted in the death of Eddie LeBec via zamboni.

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