23 Reasons Emma Stone Is A Dream Best Friend

    This stone has a heart of gold.

    This is Emma Stone.

    She's literally a gift from God.

    And she would be the perfect best friend.

    1. Because she's down to have the important conversations.

    2. And she's wise like an owl.

    3. She isn't afraid to call you on your shit.

    4. But she can also take it.

    5. She's a premium dance partner.

    6. Seriously, your dance parties would be epic.

    7. She's honest so you know she'd always tell you the truth.

    8. She has a killer collection of sunglasses that she'd probably let you borrow.

    9. She has her priorities straight.

    10. Seriously, she loves all the things that you love!

    11. She knows what is important in life.

    12. She'd always be really proud and excited for you.

    13. She's just as self conscious about her sexiness.

    So you can cringe together.

    14. She thrives on creeper status.

    15. She could help you face your fears.

    16. She has a heart of gold.

    17. She'd totally geek out with you.

    18. She'd be a killer karaoke partner.

    19. She probably has really fantastic dating advice since she's in the world's cutest relationship.

    20. She'd fight for you.

    21. Let's be honest, she'd probably hate someone just because you do.

    22. She would make you laugh literally all the time.

    23. But most importantly, Emma would always believe in you.