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24 Easy Healthy Lunches To Bring To Work In 2015

So easy, it should be a food sin.

1. 5-Minute Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

2. Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad

3. Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad

4. Sonoma Chicken Salad Sandwiches

5. Sweet and Sour Broccoli Salad

6. Burrito Bowls

7. Lemony Couscous Salad

8. Tuna Salad

9. Spinach Salad With Mozzarella, Orzo, and Snap Peas

10. 10-Minute Vegetable Fried Rice

11. Mushrooms and Wheat Berries

12. Hummus Spiral Wraps

13. Roasted Tomato Soup

14. Chicken Chickpea Chopped Salad

15. Honey Walnut Power Salad

16. Raw Collard Wraps With Turkey Meatballs, Avocado, and Dijon

17. Chopped Thai Salad Sesame Garlic Dressing

18. Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes

19. Whole Wheat Fajita Quesadillas

20. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

21. Smashed White Bean and Avocado Sandwich

22. Mini Frittatas

23. Fuji Apple Chicken Salad

24. Creamy Squash Soup

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