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    21 Signs Your Relationship With Netflix Has Gotten Out Of Control

    The first step is admitting you have a problem.

    1. You haven't turned on your television in days.*

    2. Or slept, because every time you think you'll put your computer down you see the countdown to the next episode and figure, "one more can't hurt."

    3. You take the computer into the bathroom with you so that you don't have to pause.

    4. You flip when you meet someone who just finished binge watching the same show you did.

    5. Whenever your computer goes silent for a second you get anxiety that Netlix has paused itself.

    6. Sometimes you wonder how Netflix knows what you want before you even do.

    7. And when they don't you just laugh them off...

    8. You ask your date if they'd like to come over, but it's really just so you can continue to watch tv.

    9. You watch Netflix at the gym.

    10. Until you get this message and debate leaving.

    11. Sometimes you watch things with subtitles just to see what happens.

    12. But you also know how to hide them so they don't interfere with your visuals.

    13. You judge someone who tries to judge you for binge watching House of Cards.

    14. You've started to think its normal to watch back-to-back Nicolas Cage movies.

    15. You get anxiety when you have to stop watching a show mid-binge.

    16. And there is no way in hell you're leaving your apartment mid-episode. What are you, crazy?!

    17. You feel the heat when you watch ahead of your significant other.

    18. Speaking of significant others, at the end of a relationship you only have one question: "Are you planning on changing your Netflix password?"

    19. Ending a show on Netflix physically hurts your heart.

    20. And if a show gets taken off Netflix all together you take it personally.

    21. But you don't worry because you know that while Netflix is 90% horrible...

    You'll always be able to find something to watch!